Early Warning and Prevention is the key to trouble free Gas Systems Preventative Maintenance Service

Having a regular service and preventative maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure that your systems work efficiently and safely.

Our Preventative Maintenance packages are designed to suit the type of gas systems installed at your premises. We also follow the codes of practice stated in the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA).

Sentinel engineers are also capable of troubleshooting and carrying out repairs to get your gas systems running as quickly as possible if you do have a breakdown.

We also hold stock to help us provide a solution as soon as possible ensuring you have less downtime.

Cylinder Change Service

Sentinel Gas Systems also offer a Cylinder Change Service. We are thoroughly familiar with the properties of gases and will perform a safe cylinder change on your behalf. We will supply you with two engineers who will purge the system and disconnect the used cylinders using the correct method and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Sentinel will then install the new cylinder and leak test the system before introducing process gases. This procedure also allows us to carry out a functional check on your system which in turn enables us to advise you on any recommendations that may help prevent any downtime in the future.

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